Edmonton Downtown and moving to Toronto

Anticipation to move on.

The last few days have been a bit of a roller-coaster. I have been getting some serious bouts of cold feet when it comes to this whole move across the country thing.

At the same time, I just want to get out of here. I usually am the kind of guy who makes up his mind about something and jumps into it full force. Sitting and waiting.. isn’t helping anything. Like with anything else, if I sit and wait I start to second guess myself and over-think things. A massive decision like this, has been causing a lot of second guessing.

Thus, here I sit, thinking over the entire situation. In the end, I want to leave, now. I have to wait until tomorrow morning to make it all happen, but what can you do.

The last few days, everyone has been asking how I am doing. Where I am going. Which leads into how good it will be for me, and how the adventure will be nice. Not to mention how awesome planes are, as well as how great of a city Toronto is. At the same time I have only gotten the actual discussion about the decision out of a few people. Most are just nodding and smiling. Please don’t mistake my ramblings, I do appreciate all the support. At the same time I also appreciate not having to tell the same story, and explain the same things over and over again. But whatever.

To the point, I am very very excited about the next couple days. I am Ecstatic to be leaving this city, area, province and moving to somewhere new. I cant WAIT to get out of here. I cant wait to meet my new roommate. I start my new job in about a week and that.. that is going to be amazing. I don’t even think my camera understands the extent of its usage over the next few days.

I am really going to miss my family though.

Anyway, update of the flight after the fact and whatnot.

– Cheers.