Edmonton Downtown and moving to Toronto

Home is where the Heart is…

That phrase has been known as the be all to end all of knowing where home is. This early post is just that. Where am I from and where I have been.

Since a young age I have lived in and around Red Deer, Alberta. It’s a city with a small town vibe. It has a very family orientated populous. Most young adults are either living here because they were born here. Or between the months of September to June, when the population more or less doubles, because they are going to school at Red Deer Collage.

After that, you more or less stay to raise a family, or leave for bigger and better things. I myself like Red Deer, but even as a kid, (especially a teenager) longed for more. After attempting to figure out what I wanted, failing, and deciding the best thing to do was to broaden my horizons, I eventually migrated North, to Alberta’s Capital, Edmonton.

Well the first thing I can say about Edmonton is that if I thought Red Deer’s Winters were cold, I was in for a surprise.  On a given day, you take Calgary’s daily temperature, minus three to five degrees and you have Red Deer’s average. Take that and minus another five to eight, and it works out to Edmonton’s temperature.

All in all though Edmonton was good to me. I made a few friends, had a nice sized close friends group, and way too many colleagues. After being in Edmonton for about five years I had found what I wanted to do. Web design. So I started hunting for schools, and attended and graduated from Guru Digital Arts College. At that point I didn’t really know what to expect so I just went with it. Life living by the flow. It wasn’t too shabby.

I worked at a couple small businesses, got some actual agency experience. Even spent some time working for Northland’s. For those of you who don’t know, or haven’t been to Edmonton, Northlands’s is a Non-for-profit that owns and operates the Rexall Place facility where the Edmonton Oiler’s play. Me being a Wayne Gretzky fan when I was younger thought it was pretty awesome.

After giving that a shot for a while I decided that Northland’s wasn’t quite the place for me either. I have been a fairly active freelance Web Developer since graduation so I thought I would take a crack at it full time. Well, Edmonton’s market is quite small and a little over-saturated. Granted a Freelance career in Edmonton is completely possible with time and etc, but I had bills to pay. So I started looking elsewhere. I had heard Vancouver was a pretty hot spot, as was Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa so I started looking. A good chance for a change, laced with more opportunities and a bit of an Adventure.

Adventure. One thing I have been needing. Something I haven’t had since I first moved up to Edmonton almost 8 years prior. So, I did some research. Tax differences, Population densities, Costs of living, and most importantly, opportunities in my field. Among other things of course. After a good long look, and many discussions with friends, I had decided on Toronto.

Once the major decision of Where was decided the rest was pretty simple. Ok so, whats next. House, Job, moving costs etc. From that point to about, 3 weeks after, I had a job lined up and a couple very promising apartment possibilities. Which is about where I am now, as I sit in my mom’s living room writing this.

To this day I love the open spaces in and around Red Deer. I remember living in an even smaller town outside of Red Deer and being able to see the stars, clear as day, every single clear night from my doorstep. Red Deer has some mild light pollution but NOTHING like Edmonton. The closest to seeing a single star in Edmonton was maybe being able to pick out the North star on the clearest night of the year.

I will admit that I will miss my friends. I know that as much. I’ve been in Red Deer for not even two full days and I miss some of my friends in Edmonton dearly already. Then there’s some of the people up there that I have met through my travels. Teachers, mentors, etc. I will miss having them at a short distance to go for a coffee and to talk about the newest iOS release, or continue the discussion about how bad Internet Explorer is. At the same time though, there are things in Edmonton that I won’t miss, and for that matter I dare to say there are even some people I don’t feel too bad about not having to see even every once in a while.

There are some acquaintances that I wish I had gotten to know better, and some that I wish I had never met in the first place. Although that comes with most adventures to new places. I am sure there are going to be some in my newest adventure.

Anyway,  I needed somewhere to let loose a little, and I feel like I accomplished that. I look forward to posting more in the future as I go about my travels.

Thanks for listening

– Karl