Settling in..kinda?

Well, I’ve been here in Toronto for about a month.

I’ve got a couple friends and have started a new job. The people here I am finding so far are quite nice. I haven’t really had a lot of time to interact with them, as I am working from home for the most part, so I am more or less pushed into my apartment. I’ve left and walked around quite a bit and had chances to check out the neighborhood. But realistically I’m more or less always at home.

As far as work goes, this definitely has its advantages. Working from home as far as having meetings is awesome. If I have a meeting early in the morning, I usually log into it from my bed, with a cup of tea, in my pajamas. that being said I am really starting to notice how bad I am missing social interaction. Especially because this is making meeting new people in a new city rather difficult. Although that is fine because it is just giving me more reasons to go out and be social.

I have been getting settled and started buying some stuff. The day I moved in I had a bed and some linens sent to me. Hint. Never buy Ikea pillows. Spend the money on decent pillows unless its a dire situation. As you can see from the image above, I do need a desk. The table pictured above is the kitchen table which has been functioning as my desk since I moved in.

Toronto hasn’t seen any snow yet.. so that’s good. However I don’t think its going to be long before Toronto is covered in a nice layer of white. Its getting progressively colder.

One thing I absolutely LOVE about Toronto is how many different communities and people are here. If you have a slight interest in something, you will find people who share that interest for sure.

But ya, Loving TO so far 🙂

Ill talk to you all soon.