Warning: Gamers Rant inc

Warning: Gamers Rant inc

Warning: Geek/Gamers rant.

TL;DR My PC is a workhorse, and will continue for a very long time, with minimum maintenance along the way. Because I built it to be that way.

This… Is my beast:

Gamers Rant PC BuildGamers Rant PC Build

All this talk of Fallout 4. Hella Excited. Then I hear all the griping about having to upgrade. No, your not going to get up to date graphics/gameplay out of systems that are 9 years old. Sorry.

This is one of the big thing’s being said about Console gamers that haven’t updated to “current gen”. On the other hand most mention that PCs are hard to maintain and even if you spend a ridiculous amount of money on a PC, it will be obsolete before you take it out of the box. PC’s don’t go obsolete NEARLY as fast as they used to. 5 years ago it was true that if you bought/built a PC, fully upgrading on an almost yearly basis was needed. This is not the case anymore. The longevity of current PC systems are FAR better than they used to be. I built my PC last summer, spent around 3k on it (quite a bit, I get it, I’ve seen much more expensive builds. Notice one video card, not 2 or 3 or some rigs that I have seen have 4) But I probably wont need to add anything to it probably until after Fallout 4 comes out and then a year or so. This is not including things that I think that I “need”. The same can be pretty much said for the off the shelf computers you can buy at your local stores. You can expect a 3-5 year or more if maintained well at this point. What it really comes down to is the same exact equation as everything else in life:

Gamers, Please remember Money invested = Quality of the product.

When it comes to computers/electronics, part of that quality is the longevity. I myself, will be replacing bits and pieces and probably wont ever need to do a crazy full rebuild until something huge happens, (new processor gets released, or heaven forbid, some hardware failure or something of that nature) AND there will be years between those upgrades.

If you buy a $500 laptop from bestbuy, well.. you cant upgrade them, and well.. its a $500 laptop. You get what you pay for.

Another thing. While were on the concept of PCs. So I can get this covered as well. PCs will ALWAYs be better than Consoles, for me PERSONALLY. I like that I can upgrade my computer. I love the fact that I can get over 30FPS with it. I love that I can stream my game play with my friends for all of our enjoyment and not have to go through Microsoft or sonys servers to do so (which causes lag, and bad streaming performance). As far as the game selection goes? Ya sure I own a console or two for specific games (halo, and etc. I prefer a controller for FPS games, but that’s mostly because I haven’t played many of them on my pc.) That being said, my PC will forever be my Go-to, unless I have friends over playing games at my house.

But thats just me. Gamers, hear me please. The fight over personal choice, is not worth your time.